How to Parent a Manuscript

My manuscript is completely obnoxious. I can’t do anything without it seeking my attention. It’s like a toddler out of control in the grocery store. I pick it up and speak firmly, but mostly I’m ignoring that it continues to seek my attention with temper tantrums. What I want is to be a world changer. I want…


Can I say something unpopular? And, I mean it. I’m not going to soften the blow with statements like: Some of you are going to be published sooner than you think. We’re all ridiculous. We have this hope, this idea that somehow the planets will align and our books will be published before the rapture….

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

He’s hoping she’ll stay longer. Perhaps he’s hoping for a bit more, but for crying out loud, isn’t that what makes him wonderful!?

Reality Bites?

Even the most secure, modern woman still wants the man to do the asking. It shows her you’ve got what it takes to overcome fear.

Three Reasons Gilbert Blythe is the Best Book Boyfriend.

We can’t help but find satisfaction in a hero fulfilling his role as provider, protector and lover. It resonates with something in the DNA of a woman’s soul knowing she’s safe and surrounded by a man who’s love for her stands the test of time.

Living Sacrifice

Giving our thoughts to God. Every moment. While doing the dishes, laundry, sipping coffee. Thinking on righteousness. Rejecting the inferior thoughts that wander dangerous paths. Giving our words to God. Using our voice to proclaim his goodness, or to encourage others. The fruit of our lips. The creative power we’ve been given used for building…

The Well Within

This morning I imagined stepping into the River of Life that flows from the throne of my Heavenly Father. I pictured my foot dipping into the water. I thought how wonderful it would be if we could step into that river today, and be free from these niggling things of earth. Cleansed. Unhindered.

I Said Hello

I have a rock in my flower bed that has interesting markings. It looks exactly like a happy Chinese man. I’ve called him Chun Li since I found him on the beach  several years ago. The other day, my friend walked by and said, “Good bye, Chun Li.” Then she gasped and said, “I guess I shouldn’t…

I Spy On My Neighbors

We have new neighbors. My first sighting was upon return from my son’s Tae Kwon Do class. A clean-cut, Chinese man wearing jean shorts and a tee-shirt was carrying in a Pampers box. I waved at him, and he nodded back. Later that day, I was peering through the blinds from my son’s room while…