Soul Hacker

Soul Hacker

When environmental disaster leaves the world ruined, humanity must survive within seven cities of interconnected high-rises. Students must study rigorously for a final exam which irrevocably places them within a social caste.

Recent graduate, Anna, has earned an esteemed position working in genetic science, but risks her coveted placement when caught smuggling restricted goods to her lower-level sister. Troy, the militant border guard, blackmails her into stealing classified lab materials for his underground team of biohacking revolutionaries. When the lead lab technician, Darion, discovers Anna’s theft from the lab, he could use his government rank to coerce her into marriage. Becoming a high-riser’s wife is the last thing Anna wants when her heart is yearning for freedom, but marriage to a man of influence could work in her favor if she can convince him to help her stop the government from culling a percentage of the population she’s grown to love.

Anna cheats, steals, and smuggles to receive a better placement within the high-rise, however she hadn’t counted on finding redemption and risking everything for the love that finally captures her heart.

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