Mini Synopsis of Soul Hacker

When volcanic eruptions ignited anthracite coal mines surrounding the island of Unalaska, the outside air became toxic, forcing citizens to survive within the confines of massive interconnected cities. Now, survival depends on the masses submitting to strict regulations, sharply dividing the country between those whose superior intellect has given them aSoul Hacker life of relative ease, and those less fortunate who will do anything for the pursuit of happiness.

Nineteen-year-old Anna worked hard to make it to the top of the most-esteemed science profession in the country, but leaving behind her family for a high-level position didn’t bring her the fulfillment she’d hoped for. When Anna is caught smuggling restricted supplies to her loved ones, Troy, a corrupt border guard, offers Anna a chance to escape the boundaries of her high-rise life in exchange for top-secret lab materials.

Anna’s reckless pursuit of liberty leads her farther from the unrestricted life she wants when she joins forces with an underground cult, bent on evolving their DNA. Anna’s hope to better the lives of her new friends is lost when Darion, the lead technician at the lab, discovers her treason. Now, Anna is desperate to escape from Darion’s plans for her, but she never expected Darion to reveal secrets of his own—secrets that not only threaten everything she believes, but also the lives of her underground friends.

When layers of lies are exposed, Anna is certain there is no one she can trust. Truth must ignite the firewall of her soul before the lies destroy her.

Soul Hacker is a work of Young Adult Speculative fiction, with a word count of about 80,000. This work is currently on submission.

Sarah Rosinski’s literary interests are represented by agent Jessica Schmiedler of Golden Wheat Literary.


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