Responding to The Call of a Champion


The Call of a Champion: January 10th 2015

This past Sunday, the pastor of my church preached about how each of us is uniquely created and appointed for a calling. We are God’s first pick for the position we are in during our lifetime on earth. We were selected from a combination of one sperm from our biological father, and one egg from our biological mother. I can’t remember the exact number he gave, but to become us, selected from the combination of these two, is something like 120 trillion to one! Scientific evidence right there that we are champions; we’re winners. The other sperm didn’t make it. The other eggs weren’t released from the 300,000 or so to select from. Neat.

So, now you know you’re a champion too.

More important than knowing you’re a champion is knowing you’re called. Pastor made a simple statement that resonated within me. Your call is to do something about what grieves you. Be a difference maker for a cause.

For me, the grief came while accompanying students to the library and I saw the books they were hungry for. It seemed about 90% of the books in the Young Adult section were paranormal fantasy romances. Vampires, witches, ghosts, demons. All creatures claiming to be powerful and portrayed as good; full of lust, desire and violence. Evil power, defeating even more evil powers.

Young people want to feel powerful. They want their love to last eternally. They want to be important, the selected one; the prodigy. Guess what? They are important, they are the selected one! They are champions; but not apart from the call of God in their lives.

God wants to empower them; empower them with the truth of the Holy Spirit. Giving them supernatural gifts of healing, prophecy and miracles; to raise the dead!

I decided to try my hand at writing as my attempt to draw these paranormally hungry youth into the supernatural truth. I’ve always had the nudging within me to write. I always knew I would… Someday. Now is that someday.

Evil cannot defeat evil. To believe so would be to add more water to the ocean in hopes of drying it up. In the words of Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

What grieves you in our society? There are a myriad of things to draw at our hearts. Choose one that resonates with you and be the champion you’re called to be.


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  1. Nicole Holliday says:

    Love! Great job, and I can’t wait to see your first published piece!


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