Soul Hacker

Anna’s boyfriend is a biohacker with a messiah complex, but it’s her boring boss’s secret that causes all hell to break loose.

In Unalaska, where the wrong DNA will get you killed, nineteen-year-old Anna thinks she’s avoiding fate when she follows Troy into an underground community of biohackers. Convinced she is one of the elect carriers of an abnormal gene sequence, she joins their fight for human rights. Her hope to lead the elect to a better future gets snuffed out when her boss, Darion, discovers she’s been creating synthetic border passes. Now she must convince Darion to join her in the fight for freedom before he turns her in for treason. But Darion has secrets of his own—secrets that not only threaten everything she believes, but also the lives of her underground friends. Certain there is no one she can trust, Anna must find a way to stop the genocide with a bravery long buried beneath the rubble of self-preservation.

SOUL HACKER is my first novel, a speculative romantic suspense, with a word count of about 80,000. Full manuscript is available upon request.

Author represented by Jessica Schmiedler of Golden Wheat Literary


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