The Blessedness of Simple


During a recent worship service I was reminded how good the absence of something can be.


Space… Nothing… Air… BREATHING ROOM!

Sometimes the only thing we need is a little less.

Worship is awesome when the song is rockin’ and the worshipers are excited to come into the presence of the Lord. But something profound happens when there’s a whole lot less going on. We don’t remain on the outside looking in; we are there. In His presence. That’s the moment where we need a whole lot less of us. Less instrumental mayhem. Less vocal histrionics. Less. Don’t ruin the simple by filling every empty space. Just…don’t.

This idea works with writing too. Writers have this tendency to go on and on describing every boring detail with purple prose and flashy adjectives. A few words, well-chosen, go a long, LONG way. Readers have imaginations of their own and can fill in the blanks quite nicely. A simple direct statement in a story can be eye-opening. We don’t need to doctor every sentence with mind numbing syllables just to fill the empty spaces. Let your writing have room to be filled with the presence of God.

Yes. Simple is refreshing. I can drink it up and let it become part of me without having to spit out the details.


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