Where There’s a Will…

When I first investigated what it takes to write a novel, I turned to Twitter.

I knew nothing about Twitter. I had no idea what purpose hashtags actually served, other than display someone’s snarky comments as #onelongword preceded by a pound sign.

I created my profile, posted a picture and began my search.


Even without the hashtag, I discovered some exceptionally helpful Tweeps to follow.

I started reading article after article posted by Write Life and Writer’s Digest.

The first thing I learned was how little I knew. I knew less than I thought I knew…maybe even less than that.

I read about things called queries, literary agents and Manuscript Wish Lists and my journey toward publishing now had direction. I knew I could write well, I just didn’t know how to get a completed work in the right hands.

A query is a letter addressed to a specific agent within a specific literary agency that explains the heart and soul of your complete novel in a few paragraphs and will hopefully draw enough interest that the agent will request a partial, or even better, a full manuscript. If they love it and believe the manuscript can sell, they may contract with you to represent your manuscript to the publishing houses.

The #mswl, (manuscript wish list), is a neat little ditty where many literary agents post what they’re looking for. I soon discovered Christian fiction was not in favor with most agents. No surprise there right…but guess what, they’re sick of dystopian too, so finding a home for my Christian dystopian seemed impossible.

That’s when I turned back to Twitter to vent my woes about finding representation for #Christiandystopian, and that’s when God began to line up the right people on my behalf, and I believe on behalf of the literary agent who wants to promote Christian authors, especially those who write speculative fiction.

It was a snow day here in Northern Michigan, and I was home…on a day I wouldn’t normally be home. I scanned through my Twitter feed and discovered there was going to be a pitch party that day, a pitch party specifically for Christian fiction. A pitch party is when authors use a hashtag to tag their tweets and agents and editors receive those tags in their news feed and star them if the pitch sounds interesting.

My pitch sparked the interest of a couple different agents and eventually led to me receiving a contract of representation from literary agent Jessica Schmiedler of Golden Wheat Literary.

Neat, huh?

What seemed impossible in the beginning became “this is happening.”

God is not defined by the limits of this world. He is not a pocket-sized-god. He is untamable in his creative power to align people, places and time in order to favorably position those who unyieldingly serve him. Divine intervention is his specialty.


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