Summer Creativity


I submitted a short work to a literary magazine and was rejected almost immediately… “Eh, their line up was already in place.” I submitted the same short work to a different literary magazine and ended up on their email list to receive unwanted newsletters. Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t pay to submit to either of these magazines. Is this a bad attitude? Maybe, but I think my work is worth printing somewhere, and I don’t have endless dollars to invest in the possibilities.

I plan to finish off a rough draft of the project i’m working on, Transposed, and it is coming along, but it’s been difficult to sit at the computer for hours on end and make up stuff… It’s hard to be creative. The brain has to shift out of amusement mode in order to create. And summer is so amusing…

I also think creating is hard because creators tremble at the hand of a vicious humanity who may not approve of our work. It’s hard to be good at something, and even harder to be great. Approval means more than we wish it did, but that is the bitter reality. Approval feels as good as finishing a marathon… Wait, that doesn’t feel so good does it? But any runner who’s finished a marathon will tell you it was worth it. After all the hard work, the training, the time invested, the pain of it all… In the end the runner finishes and gets a medal. That’s a lot like writing a novel. Only we writers hope our medals are in the form of those little embossed awards on the cover of our books.

So, we create for what purpose? Well, not for the money, though that would be extremely beneficial, and hopefully will come along at some point of publication. Approval? Well, not exactly. There will always be humanoids questioning the validity and content of our art. Some will adore, others will despise.

We write because we have stories to tell, and our stories have possibility. If somebody, or many-bodies decide our stories are worth their time then hurrah! We write, create, share… we hope to change a little something somewhere for somebody. We also write because once the writer’s brain comes out of amusement mode, it becomes difficult to shut down the laptop for any reason. It’s fun to make stuff up after all. The challenge is pushing through the “I don’t feel like it” and into the “Don’t let this wild ride ever end!”


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