Pen Names

I’ve gone around and around with the whole pen name thing. It’s so fun. There are name generator websites that are dedicated to creating thelibrary-425730_640 perfect pen name.This one’s entertaining. Pen Name Generator

It gave me quite a strange selection of names based on real answers to questions asked. Favorites included: Chelsea Sawyer (based on name of first pet and road I grew up on.) Samantha Rossmaur I assume was based on my real name.

One of the reasons I’ve considered a pen name is because my name has a  ‘ra ro’ repetition that doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

I’ve tried different angles on my own name like Serra Roth, but this leaves me with the same ‘ra ro’ problem.

I’ve made up cool sounding names like Reverence Li, but I’m not Chinese enough to use the name Li. I could argue that both my parents and a niece have middle names with various spellings of Lee, Lea, Leigh. It’s kind of a family name.

For a Science Fiction author, I’d like something memorable. Maybe one day i’ll be known as Dr. Sunshine Roslove.

Okay, probably not…

What do you think?


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  1. I think Reverence Li will become a character name eventually. I have a soft spot for the Chinese.


  2. I should qualify that last line: it isn’t that “Li” was used, but that a non-Chinese used a Chinese name.


  3. I know one Hugo award winning writer, Severna Park, who chose a Maryland town as her pen name. In my case, I chose one designed to honor my dead mother: Also, it is really weird that you mention “Li,” because there is a huge controversy going on right now about that one:

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