I am excited to review the debut novel of writer E.A. Comiskey.

Writing a book isn’t easy. I’ll never understand why people want writers to spend hundreds of hours crafting stories, yet demand them for free. I do, however, enjoy reading, so when I was offered a FREE copy of MORE THINGS IN HEAVEN AND EARTH in exchange for an honest review, I jumped at the chance.

I e-met Ms. Comiskey through Wattpad, where we had both entered a SCIFAN contest. When I perused the competition, her story caught my attention right away. Comiskey has a way with words that draws a beautiful scene readers will connect with easily. There were many scenes I’d find myself nodding in agreement,  able to relate to the main character.

The story begins with Simone chasing away her fears of mental illness. She’s been hearing voices of unseen beings for her entire life, and has developed a method of relaying what is real and right that keeps her sane in her day-to-day life. Things get complicated when she encounters the Others face-to-face.

She’s a normal wife and mother, but she’s also extraordinary as one who can converse with creatures from these other realms, and there are many realms, each with their own set of fantasy characters. Problem is, there are forces of evil which would love nothing more than to bring the realms into one another’s physical space and spread chaos and destruction.

The time comes when all hidden things are revealed throughout the earth. Simone is asked to be an intercessor between the realms. She’s the prophetess speaking for, and empowered by a holy being called “That Which Is.” Simone faces characters both evil and good–vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, mythological gods, mother earth, and many more–as she fights to help humanity through the transition of the ages.

What I didn’t like:

At times this story felt overwhelming. Sometimes it was hard to keep track of the cast of characters, with all the different realms and their differing code-of-conduct. (Rules of magic.) Also, characters would tell long stories, or lengths of information that bogged down the plot at times.

What I liked:

Author’s voice and how I could connect with the heartbeat of faith in Simone. She struggled with her gifts and abilities, yet gave of herself for the work of the extraordinary.

Also, the cover art is gorgeous!

I believe E.A. Comiskey is an exceptional debut author. Her style is lyrical, connecting with readers emotionally. The novel is set to be released in early September, 2016 through Nuff Said Publishing

More Things in Heaven and Earth by E.A. Comiskey


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