Reality Bites?


Have you heard about the popular romance gaming apps out there? I read the CNN article on Romance Gaming and couldn’t believe my eyes. Read it for yourself! It describes how women play these games to simulate romantic relationships. The apps are much like reading a romance novel, only the player can pick the perfect boyfriend to fill the lead role and choose her own adventure.

Though the article centers on Japanese users, it also describes the popularity of the games in other countries, listing the differences between Japanese users and United States users preferences. Japanese women prefer “the strong and selfish” partner, while North American women prefer a “macho man, both physically and mentally.”

Selfish? Macho? Not the words I would use to describe my ideal guy, but there is something common in those words. Selfish+Macho=Realistic Men. Selfish may sound like a thoughtless, insensitive, negative trait, but it could also mean the man knows what he wants, and goes after it. Macho isn’t a well-loved word either, but, it could mean that he is simply manly. Manly men are attractive. This is why beards are making a come-back. There’s something ’bout that scruff.

Why do people play these games? Have they given up on more realistic relationships? I hope not! More likely, humans have become weak and fearful when it comes to dating. Rejection hurts. Heartbreak hurts.

But, making a connection is worth the risk!

Ladies, if there’s a guy, a real flesh and blood one, who’s had your attention for a while, why not give him a little encouragement to ask you out? Say hello. Make conversation. Smile at him! It earns much more attention than a scowl.

Guys, if there’s a girl you’ve been wanting to ask out, but you’ve been afraid she’d say no, take the risk! If she’s worth asking out, she’s worth the chance of being rejected. Even the most secure, modern woman still wants the man to do the asking. It shows her you’ve got what it takes to overcome fear.

The scenes I love the most in movies and novels are when a character is making his move, even in the face of uncertainty.

Long live ROMANCE!


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