Baby It’s Cold Outside!

pexels-photo-23976Oh sheesh!

Recently, I have been made aware that a certain group of man-haters has boycotted the song Baby It’s Cold Outside. Their argument? She said ‘No,’ why can’t that man leave her alone?

Now, this almost broke my heart, considering Baby is one of my favorite songs of the season. My son and I have been singing it to one another for many years as we stepped out to face a cold Michigan day. I’d never once considered it to be a song disregarding a woman’s right to leave a date behind.

I love that song! Maybe, it’s because I love men. Specifically, a man who isn’t beaten down to a pulp of cowardly flesh by a woman’s constant bashing of his masculinity! The fella’s lines in this song are flirty and fun. He’s persistent. He’s hoping she’ll stay longer. Perhaps he’s hoping for a bit more, but for crying out loud, isn’t that what makes him wonderful!?

The feminine lines of the song are just as adorable. She’s playing the role, persistently rejecting him, while encouraging his pursuit. That’s the power of femininity. We drive him to the ends of the earth to claim the prize. He doesn’t want an easy pursuit. The resistance is part of the fun.

Listen to my favorite version of this song, and smile.


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