pexels-photoCan I say something unpopular? And, I mean it. I’m not going to soften the blow with statements like: Some of you are going to be published sooner than you think.

We’re all ridiculous. We have this hope, this idea that somehow the planets will align and our books will be published before the rapture. But wait, there’s more! Before that, we have to build a platform, and post blogs with titles like “10 things that are sure to make your readers throw your book across the room and spin in circles while doing back-flips.”

I scroll through Twitter and see them every day. Somebody else is trying to get attention in a digital world with eight-hundred-thousand other wanna-be writers. Then, we’re disappointed when nobody reads our blog. Nobody clicks. On anything. Not gonna soften the blow.

More unpopular things? I’m not a feminist, and I don’t like those who try to make me feel guilty for not being a feminist. If I were to say something to soften the blow here, it would be: I don’t like misogynists either.

And another thing. We. Are. All. Diverse. There, I said it.

You might not believe me, but even white people, are as different from one another as peas and carrots.

I’m not Ann Voskamp. She’s white, and I believe she’s even more Northern white than me. Canadian? I recently read one of her blogs. I like them. But there are times I’m like, “I’m sorry, what?” I don’t understand the message because there’s too much of it, or it’s vague and esoterical. It’s not always relatable. She writes for people who’ve been following her from the beginning, and I’ve gotta figure my way through much of it.

At one time in my life, I thought it would be awesome to be “that lady.” You know the one. She bakes her own pizza crust. She cans her garden vegetables. She gives birth at home. I followed a blogger for around a year whose life was so not like mine that I finally realized I resented not being her.

Then I let her go. I unfollowed her. It’s okay that my pantry isn’t alphabetized. It’s not for me.

This blog might not be for you. I’ve nothing to offer you if that’s the case. And, maybe that’s why no one reads my blog, or my stories on Wattpad, or the Christmas cards I didn’t send out. That’s okay. Find your kindred. I’m here for those who want what I have to give.

What we write/do/bake may not be for everyone, but it just might be for someone.


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  1. Love it! I read way too much of people mouthing what they perceive to be popular opinion. Your honest is a joy to read.


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