How to Parent a Manuscript

school-vintage-desk-back-to-school-159764My manuscript is completely obnoxious. I can’t do anything without it seeking my attention. It’s like a toddler out of control in the grocery store. I pick it up and speak firmly, but mostly I’m ignoring that it continues to seek my attention with temper tantrums.

What I want is to be a world changer. I want my work to needle its way into lives and quicken life like a shot of adrenaline. I want to be a bestselling author. I  look in the mirror and tell the future me that I am somebody’s favorite author. But…as with parenting…I really don’t know what the heck i’m doing.

I do the best I can, while learning strategies from those who’ve gone before. But…sometimes I’m learning instead of writing. Sometimes I’m ignoring my fit-throwing-manuscript even when I know the anxiety inside could be shushed with a half hour spent writing instead of avoiding.

Why do I avoid? Because this crap is hard! It’s hard to create things. Especially if those things are going to change the world!

Discipline much anyone? Has another day seriously gone by while I whittle away my precious time? Must. Find. Will. Power. MUST BE THE BOSS!

I need to write most days to feel accomplished. If I don’t, my manuscript taunts me. It’s LOUD! It won’t let me sit around happily watching TV or scrolling through mindless social media without serious consequences.

Eventually, it cries out loud enough and long enough that I can’t ignore it any longer. Then, when I’ve been a good manuscript mommy and given it the attention it needs and deserves, I can put it to sleep at night and wake up ready to tug-o-war the next day. I know this. It’s what keeps me working toward my great writer shape.

So, what does it take to stop the madness of an attention seeking manuscript? Time! Do it!

Does your manuscript keep you from living a carefree life? How do you keep yourself going as a writer? Love to hear from you!



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  1. Hey! I have that same kid at my house.


    1. Of course you do! They never leave until they’re out on their own, and then a little brother comes along to demand all of your attention! 🙂


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