Speculative Fiction, Justified


I write romantic speculative fiction. It’s passionate. It’s fantastic. It’s out of this world!

My work isn’t Christian. I am a Christian writing through the prism of my faith.

Some Christians will not like my work. It isn’t safe. Not in an Amish romance kind of way. My stories take place in imagined, futuristic, or dystopian worlds. My plots include fantasy and science-fiction elements with much of the plot leading to a romantic interaction between characters. So, how do I justify including these worldly elements in my stories?

Have you ever read the Bible?

Consider the stories within Genesis alone. Did you read the part about the fallen angels that were cast from heaven and lusted after the daughters of men? Giants? World-Wide-Catastrophic-events? How about interpreting dreams or speaking with a fiery bush in the wilderness? Heard of portals through the red sea where an entire nation crossed through on dry ground? What about the bloody battles between nations and the miraculous way a tiny nation overcomes the greater, more powerful nations because they have a supernatural connection to the Divine? I could go on. And on.

Remember the characters in the Bible who had sin issues? Oh, those guys…. Yeah. They get involved with people they shouldn’t. It leads them places they didn’t want to go. It costs them more than they can pay.

I choose to write characters who fall fast and furious in love, fight for the good of their relationship through every hellish conflict, and reach the ultimate goal of redemption and love forever after.

I believe amazing things. Therefore I write amazing things! Like it or don’t, but at least explore.


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