Day 1, 2018

Good New Year!

The New Year’s Eve that was most memorable to me was when I was 18, in Germany, drinking my first few glasses of champagne. I spilled champagne on my boyfriend’s aunt when I was a bit tipsy. I’m sure I kissed my boyfriend a few times that night. That was back when I was a cautious adventurer.

It doesn’t take the flip of a calendar to a fresh year to create memories. I remember the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was about six years old, in the middle of a devoted Anne Of Green Gables type prayer, when my baby brother crawled up to where I was sitting between my mom and dad, and bit my big toe.

When I was in my twenties, I attended a church service, with yet a different boyfriend, and I felt the need to get serious with God. I didn’t want to be the burn pile of brush that gets pruned because I was not connected to the living vine of Christ. A turn or burn moment of repentance.

I’m still struggling through my walk with Christ. The years haven’t changed the fact that life can be so hard, they only enforce the truth that life isn’t always bright and shiny. Because of my faith, I am still moving forward. I haven’t given up on becoming a published author, or given up on my marriage, for that matter. I guess like all of the best heroes, I’ve got grit.

I wish things were bright and shiny on this New Year’s Day. One day at a time, a new year becomes what we make of it. So, for this day, I most look forward to a cup of coffee, and an outing of some kind that gets me into the lives of others. The Library is closed, so maybe a meet up with friends. They make me laugh. I like laughing. It’s the best.

What are you most looking forward to today?





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