My Relationship Status With Romance Novels: It’s Complicated.

The romance genre is vast. Everything from sweet to spicy, epic to eye-roll.


I Said Hello

I have a rock in my flower bed that has interesting markings. It looks exactly like a happy Chinese man. I’ve called him Chun Li since I found him on the beach  several years ago. The other day, my friend walked by and said, “Good bye, Chun Li.” Then she gasped and said, “I guess I shouldn’t…

I Spy On My Neighbors

We have new neighbors. My first sighting was upon return from my son’s Tae Kwon Do class. A clean-cut, Chinese man wearing jean shorts and a tee-shirt was carrying in a Pampers box. I waved at him, and he nodded back. Later that day, I was peering through the blinds from my son’s room while…


I am excited to review the debut novel of writer E.A. Comiskey. Writing a book isn’t easy. I’ll never understand why people want writers to spend hundreds of hours crafting stories, yet demand them for free. I do, however, enjoy reading, so when I was offered a FREE copy of MORE THINGS IN HEAVEN AND…

Writer Problems? Not So Much.

When I connect with my most important critic, I gather details into my story I never could had I not offered them up in prayer.

The Formula For Success

The bottom line: If your manuscript is well written and unique, and you connect with the right people at the right time, you are bound to publish your work. That’s encouraging!

They’re Gonna’ Ask!

Guard with diligence the words that come out of your mouth. What we say is what we believe. If we don’t believe in our stories, NO ONE WILL!

The Weight of the Wait

My husband once asked me, while I was in the melancholy state of overthinking and playing out the huge possibility of failure, “What will having a published novel change?”

Author Apathy

Regardless of the excuse you may have for neglecting your work, it isn’t okay. Every day that goes by without progress is another day that delays the finished product. We’ve got to chip away at that mountain in order to find the gold hidden in its veins.

Notification Schmotification

Writing, the actual work of writing, is the only thing that will satisfy that gnawing need for accomplishment.

Climbing Publication’s Everest

The traditional publishing route is not for those who shrivel up with each rejection. Not for those who can’t bear the burden. It’s not for everyone.

Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Seventeen

  How to pluck my eyebrows My body will never look as good as it does now Adults aren’t dumb Boyfriends are forever, whether we like it or not Dating can wait Life doesn’t happen naturally Ambition is important It’s probably not love if he doesn’t have ambition Honest answers are important If you don’t follow…